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today in classical music
from CLASSICalmanac.com
on June 11 in...

    today in classical music
    from CLASSICalmanac.com
    on June 11 in...

    • 1672 Birth of composer Francesco Antonio BONPORTI.
    • 1697 Birth of Italian organist and composer Francesco A VALLOTTI
    • 1704 Birth of composer Jose Antonio Carlos De SEIXAS
    • 1740 Birth of composer Luigi GATTI.
    • 1764 Death of composer Christoph Stoltzenberg at 74.
    • 1775 Death of Italian composer Egidio Romoaldo Duni at 67
    • 1808 Death of composer Giovanni Battista Cirri at 83
    • 1861 Birth of composer Sigismund Vladislavovich ZAREMBA.
    • 1864 Birth of German composer Richard STRAUSS. d- 1949.
    • 1874 Birth of composer Richard STOHR.
    • 1896 Death of Friedrich Gottlieb Schwencke at 72
    • 1899 Birth of composer George Frederick McKAY.
    • 1900 Death of composer Charles Swinnerton Heap at 53
    • 1902 Birth of composer Vissarion Yakovlevich SHEBALIN.
    • 1904 Birth of composer Emil Frantisek BURIAN.
    • 1910 Birth of composer and conductor Carmine COPPOLA.
    • 1912 Birth of composer Mukhtar ASHRAFI.
    • 1913 Birth of composer Revaz Kondrat'yevich GABICHWADZE.
    • 1913 Birth of American soprano Risė STEVENS (Risė Steenberg)
    • 1924 Death of composer Theodore Dubois, composer at 86
    • 1926 Birth of American composer Carlisle FLOYD in Latta, SC
    • 1927 Birth of composer Josef Anton REIDL.
    • 1944 Birth of English lutinist Anthony ROOLEY.
    • 1955 Birth of English Conductor Douglas BOSTOCK.
    • 1975 Death of composer Floro Manuel Ugarte at 90

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