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today in classical music
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  • 1744 Death of French opera composer Andre Campra at Versailles. Was music director of Notre Dame and published music under his brother Joseph's name in order to keep his job. It was learned and he was sacked.
  • 1769 First documented conducted concert in America given in Boston by Josiah Flagg.
  • 1824 In London, at Drury Lane, 13 year old Franz Liszt performs a demonstration of the new Piano Forte invented by Sebastian Erard.
  • 1830 FP of complete Missa Solemnis by Beethoven, at Warnsdorf, Bohemia.
  • 1865 Birth of English tenor John COATES in Yorkshire.
  • 1871 (28th?) Birth of Italian soprano Luisa TETRAZZINI sister of Eva in Florence. d- Milan 28 APR 1940
  • 1881 Birth of German musicologist Kurt SACHS in Berlin. In America since 1938.
  • 1901 Birth of American baritone and actor Nelson EDDY. (Never married to film partner Jannette MacDonald). Rose Marie, Naughty Marietta, Girl of the Golden West; d- 6 MAR 1967
  • 1908 Birth of American composer Leroy (lee ROY) ANDERSON in Cambridge, MA. Light music and Boston Pops arranger. d- Woodbury, CN 18 MAY 1975.
  • 1910 Birth of American popular music composer Frank LOESSER.
  • 1911 Birth of American Composer and conductor Bernard HERMANN in NYC. Hitchcock film scores. d- 24 DEC 1975.
  • 1912 Birth of Mexican composer Jose Pablo MONCAYO in Guadalajara.
  • 1914 Birth of Czech-Swiss conductor Rafael KUBELIK near Kolin. d - 1996.
  • 1923 Birth of Chinese composer Chou Wen-Chung in Cheefoo, China.
  • 1926 FP of Leos Janacek's Sinfonietta in Prague.
  • 1934 Radio Station W2XR begins broadcasting from NYC. It was a noncommercial high-fidelity experiment. It became classical music station WQXR when it received a commercial license.
  • 1941 Death of Ignace Jan Paderewski in NYC at age 80. Buried at Arlington National Cemetary in Virginia by order of FDR.
  • 1948 Birth of Bulgarian conductor Emil TCHAKAROV. Bulgarian State Philharmonic, 1974.
  • 1963 Birth of German violinist Anne-Sophie MUTTER.

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