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today in classical music
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  • 1091 Death of Benedictine abbot Wilhelm von Hirsau, at Hirsau in Wurttemberg. He wrote two music treatises.
  • 1770 Birth in Dartmoor England of James HEWITT pianist and music publisher in NYC and Boston. Composed opera Tammany.
  • 1811 In Munich, FP of Weber's opera Abu Hassan.
  • 1829 Birth of Dutch composer Joseph Ascher who died on his birthday in 1869.
  • 1891 Birth in Budapest of Erno RAPEE, in 1932 music director of Radio City Music Hall, in 1935 conductor of the General Motors Orchestra.
  • 1903 Birth of Russian conductor Evgeny MRAVINSKY. d-1988.
  • 1907 Death of Norwegian pianist Agathe Backer-Grondahl.
  • 1909 Birth of American composer Paul NORDOFF in Philadelphia.
  • 1910 Birth of Yugoslav tenor Anton DERMOTA. d- 1989.
  • 1914 In Norfolk, CN, at the Litchfield Counrty Choral festival, Sibelius conducts FP of his 'Oceanides' with his 'Pohjola's Daughter' and The Swan of Tuonela.
  • 1917, (1918?) (1919?) Birth of Met baritone Robert MERRILL (Morris Miller) in Brooklyn NY.
  • 1922 Birth of American composer Irving BAZELON in Evanston, IL.
  • 1951 Death of double bassits and conductor Serge Koussevitzky at age 76 in Boston where he conducted the BSO for 25 years.
  • 1966 Birth of Italian mezzo-soprano Cecilia BARTOLI.

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