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MUSICIANS milestones


Recent Classical Musician Deaths ~ 2001

  1. 31 DEC 2001 RUBINSTEIN, Aniela (Wife of pianist Artur hostess). Born in Vilnius, Lithuania, in 1908. She died in New York, aged 93. The London Times.

  2. 29 DEC 2001 ASAHINA, Takashi (Conductor). Died at a Kobe hospital was known for his dignified conducting. He specialized in the works of Beethoven, Brahms and Bruckner. ~ age 93. Guardian Obit, AP

  3. 26 DEC 2001 DOWNES, Edward (Opera Quizmaster) Classical-Opera musicologist, lecturer, professor and critic, best known as the longtime host of the "Texaco Opera Quiz" heard during the live Metropolitan Opera radio broadcasts, died in his Manhattan home ~ age 90. NY Times, Obit.

  4. 17 DEC 2001 MöDL, Martha (German opera singer). Was one of the most respected Wagner singers of her time, died in a Stuttgart hospital after a long illness. Born in Nuremberg on 22 MAR 1912. ~ age 89. London Times, Obit. ~ Australian News, Obit.

  5. 14 DEC 2001 GHITALLA, Armando (Professor of Trumpet at The Shepherd School of Music of Rice University). Principal trumpet, Boston Symphony Orchestra. Died following a lengthy illness. Obit.

  6. 11 DEC 2001 JOHNS, Erik (Composer) He wrote the libretto for Aaron Copland's opera, The Tender Land, died in a fire at his home in Fishkill, N.Y. ~ age 74. Andante Obit Copland-Johns

  7. 10 DEC 2001 HARA, Chieko (Japanese pianist) Died of old age at a suburban Tokyo hospital. Was awarded a special prize at the International Frederic Chopin Piano Competition in 1937. ~ age 86. Yahoo, Obit

  8. 08 DEC 2001 RENAN, Emile ( Operatic bass- baritone). The first performer seen when the curtain rose on the first opening night at the New York City Opera. Died in Englewood, N.J. ~ age 88. NY Times Obit

  9. 03 DEC 2001 GIGLIOTTI, Anthony (Philadelphia Clarinetist and Teacher). Was a mainstay of the Philadelphia Orchestra sound as principal clarinetist for 47 years and a teacher of the instrument who trained generations of colleagues. ~ age 73. NY Times, Obit

  10. 01 DEC 2001 HELPS, Robert. (American composer and concert pianist). His works ranged freely through the lexicon of contemporary styles and techniques, died at his home in Tampa, Fla. ~ age 73. NY Times Obit.c2344

  11. 28 NOV 2001 TURNER, Robert E. (Pianist and teacher). Soloed with the NBC Orchestra at the age of 14, accompanied such stars as Ezio Pinza and coached three generations of students to win scores of competitions and establish international careers of their own. ~ age 87. LA Times, Obit.

  12. 27 NOV 2001 HSU, Fei-Ping (Chinese-born American concert pianist). Killed in a car crash in northeastern China, lived in New York City. . ~ age 51. NY Times, Obit.

  13. 26 NOV 2001 HUME, Paul (Washington Post music critic). He who once drew the ire of President Harry Truman after he panned his daughter Margaret's recital. Died of pneumonia at his home in Baltimore. ~ age 85. AP Report.

  14. 16 NOV 2001 BROWN, Rosemary (The musical medium). Born in Stockwell, South London, 27 JUL 1916. Said she had Debussy in her drawing room and went shopping with Liszt. ~ age 85. London Times Obit.

  15. 14 NOV 2001 TAYLOR, Maurice D. (Author and music book publisher.) Established the Montrose Music House. Wrote the Easy Steps to the Band books, which were used for many years to teach music in high schools. Died at his home in Montrose, PA. ~ age 95. NY Times, Obit.

  16. 14 NOV 2001 PEDERSON, Monte (American bass-baritone). He had been suffering from cancer following recent Bavarian State Opera performances. He portrayed darker figures of opera, such as the Wagner's Dutchman. ~ age 43. Grammaphone Obit

  17. 13 NOV 2001 SOMMER, Rafael (Cellist, member of Solomon Trio). Born in Prague in 1937. ~ age 64. Obit. also London Times Obit.

  18. 06 NOV 2001 WHITE, John Simon (NY City Opera director). A mainstay of the Vienna-born triumvirate that steered the New York City Opera to its berth as an important repertory company. Died in Sarasota, FL. ~ age 91. NY Times Obit

  19. 06 NOV 2001 DENMAN, John (Clarinetist) Principal with major English orchestras. Taught at Univ of Arizona, 1976-1984. b. London 1933. Died in Tucson of cancer. ~ age 68. c.3620-22

  20. 30 OCT 2001 MATSUDAIRA, Yoritsune (Pioneer composer of Japanese contemporary music), died in Tokyo due to diabetes. Internationally reknown for his technique in fusing traditional elements of Japanese music and Western music. b-Tokyo 1907. ~ age 94.

  21. 26 OCT 2001 HALASZ, Laszlo (First music director of the New York City Opera), died at his home in Port Washington, N.Y. ~ age 96. New York Times Obit.

  22. 16 OCT 2001 DELUN, Li (Conductor) Died at Beijing Medical Union Hospital after suffering a heart attack. ~ age 84. China Daily Obit

  23. 11 OCT 2001 MONTRESOR, Beni (Opera secnic designer). Was born on March 31, 1926. He died in Verona. ~ age 75. London Times Obit

  24. 10 OCT 2001 NAVARRO, Luis Antonio Garcia (Spanish conductor) Madrid Opera. b-Chiva, 30 APR 1941. d-Madrid, 10 OCT 2001. ~ age 60. Nando Times Obit

  25. 03 OCT 2001 MENOTTI, Tatiana (Italian opera singer). in Barcelona, where she lived with her husband, Spanish baritone Juan Oncina. Daughter of Italian baritone Delfino Menotti, Tatiana sang at Milan's La Scala for 25 years, and performed at opera houses around the world. She ended her career in 1957. ~ age 92. Obit

  26. 24 SEP 2001 NYGAARD, Jens (Conductor of the Jupiter Symphony). Died at his home in Manhattan ~ age 69. NY Times, Obit.

  27. 22 SEP 2001 STERN, Isaac (Russian born, American Violinist)b-Kremenetz, 21 JUL 1920. ~ age 81. Washington Post Obit c.0985-1003

  28. 30 AUG 2001 SEBRIONSKY DVONCH, Myra (Violinist). She died at her home in Bainbridge Island, Wash. ~ age 87. NY Times Obit

  29. 27 AUG 2001 SCHNABEL, Karl Ulrich (Pianist and music teacher). He was the son of famed pianist Artur Schnabel, died at his home Danbury, CN. Schnabel taught master classes in Europe, Asia and in North and South America. b- 1909. He began teaching at age 13, preparing students who wanted to study with his father. ~ age 92. c.1446 Nando Times Obit

  30. 26 AUG 2001 WILLIAMSON, Alix (Classical music publicist). She represented artists such as Andre Watts and Frederica von Stade and helped the New York Grand Opera get a citation in the Guinness Book of World Records for its performances of a complete cycle of Verdi's operas in Central Park. Also, suggested to Baroness Maria von Trapp that she write a book about her family's experiences a suggestion that resulted in the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical The Sound of Music. ~ age 85.

  31. 06 AUG 2001 ADLER, Larry (Harmonica virtuoso). Born in Baltimore, MD 10 FEB 1914. ~ Age 87. Boston Blobe Obit BBC Obit London Times Obit

  32. 04 AUG 2001 COOPER, Joseph (Pianist and Broadcaster)b- 7 OCT 1912. ~ age 88. London Times Obit

  33. 02 AUG 2001 LORIOD, Jeanne (Virtuoso ondes Martenot player). Sister-in-law of French composer Olivier Messiaen, of a bloodclot on the brain. Loriod, sister of Messiaen’s wife Yvonne, died in Juan les Pins, east of Cannes in southern France. ~ age 72. Grammaphone Obit London Times Obit

  34. 30 JUL 2001 ZARITSKAYA, Irina (Pianist teacher Royal College of Music, England) b- 2 MAY 1939, of heart attack. ~ age 62 London Times Obit

  35. 15 JUL 2001 KOROMZAY, Denes (Violist-violinist) Founder of the Hungarian String Quartet in 1935. Univ. Colorado Professor Adjunct-Viola. Artist Diploma, Franz Liszt Academy of Music. ~ Age 88.

  36. 05 JUL 2001 SUTCLIFFE, Sidney "Jock" (Oboist and teacher). b- Edinburgh 6 OCT 1918. ~ age 82. London Times Obit

  37. 01 JUL 2001 CZERNY-STEFANSKA, Halina (Polish Pianist noted for Chopin performances). B- Krakow 31 DEC 1922. d-Krakow. ~ age 78. London Times Obit

  38. 30 JUN 2001 STEPHENS, Rex (Professor of music at Royal Academy and accompanist). Was born on April 25, 1913. ~ age 87.

  39. 26 JUN 2001 CIGNA, Gina (soprano) b-Angeres 6 FEB 1900. ~ age 101. Opera News Bio

  40. 21 JUN 2001 LESURE, François (Lesure wrote an acclaimed biography of Claude Debussy and edited volumes of Debussy's correspondence and writings) – collapsed from a heart attack at his Paris home.

  41. 19 JUN 2001 SMITH, Malcolm (English trumpeter). b-Gloucester 24 MAY 1946. Princ1pal of Royal Opera House Orchestra, Covent Garden. Senior professor of music at the Royal College of Music. Died in Lewisham. ~ age 55. London Times Obit

  42. 12 JUN 2001 WILSON, Thomas (Colorado born, Scottish-American composer). Bio ~ age 72 Obit

  43. 09 JUN 2001 SHEINFELD, David (American composer, conductor, teacher and violinist). ~ age 94 Obit

  44. 09 JUN 2001 MENUHIN, Yaltah (Pianist). Was the youngest of the Menuhin children, five years younger than her brother, violinist Yehudi Menuhin. Her older sister, Hephzibah, also a pianist. She performed as soloist and chamber musician. born in San Francisco on October 7, 1921 ~ age 79. London Times Obit

  45. 06 JUN 2001 LIBURN, Douglas (New Zealand composer). ~ age 85

  46. 01 JUN 2001 KORNDORF, Nikolai (Russian-Canadian composer). b- 1947. d- Vancouver. ~ age 54. ...Bio

  47. 25 MAY 2001 BRYN-JONES, Delme (Operatic baritone), was born on March 29, 1935. ~ age 66.London Times Obit

  48. 17 MAY 2001 DAN, Ikuma (Japanese composer and conductor) Popular for his songs and operas, died in Su China of heart Failure. ~ age 77. Kyodo News Obit, from Andante

  49. 12 MAY 2001 KAY, Norman (British Composer-Author) b-Bolton, 5 JAN 1929. ~ age 72 The Times Obit

  50. 10 MAY 2001 SCHUMAN, Henry (Oboist, Conductor and Festival Director) ~ age 69

  51. 01 MAY 2001 REICHELT, Elisabeth (German Soprano) b-Coswig 7 FEB 1910 d. - Dresden. ~ age 91.

  52. 30 APR 2001 KRAKAUER, Barbara (Violinist-Teacher)Taught in NYC and at summer programs in Provence, France. ~ age 69

  53. 27 APR 2001 CROSSLEY-HOLLAND, Peter (British composer and ethnomusicologist) Know for composing for Tebetian instruments.b- 28 JAN 1916. ~ age 85. London Times Obit

  54. 29 APR 2001 HUNTER, Rita (Soprano)b-Cheshire, England 15 AUG 1933. Died in Sydney, Austrailia. ~ age 67. London Times Obit

  55. 22 APR 2001 STARER, Robert (Composer) died in Kingston NY. ~ age 77.

  56. 20 APR 2001 JOACHIM Irène (French soprano). She was the granddaughter of violinist Joseph Joachim (friend and collaborator of Brahms), died in a nursing home after a long illness. obit~ age 83.

  57. 20 APR 2001 SINOPOLI, Giuseppe (Italian Conductor) Well known for his Verdi and Puccini interpretations, died of heart attack conducting at Deutsche Opera in Berlin. b- Venice, 2 NOV 1946. London Times, Obit ~ BBC account ~ age 54.

  58. 17 APR 2001 MAAG, Peter (Swiss Conductor) Renown for his Mozart and Mendelssohn interpretations. d- Verona. ~ age 81.

  59. 11 APR 2001 RATCLIFFE, Desmond (British composer) d. Norfolk UK. ~ age 83.

  60. 09 APR 2001 SCIUTTI, Graziella (Italian Soprano)b. Turin, 1932. d. Geneva. ~ age 68. San Francisco Opera Bio

  61. 27 MAR 2001 BADILA, Ovidiu (Romanian double bass player). b. Costanta, 1962. d. Trieste. ~ age 39. Photos

  62. 08 MAR 2001 de VALOIS, Ninette (Ballet dancer) Was a pioneer of British dance and founder of the Royal Ballet. Born County Wicklow, Ireland, on June 6, 1898, died in her home in London. ~ age 102. Boston Globe, Obit ~ London Times, Obit

  63. 01 MAR 2001 BARNES, Milton (Canadian composer). Born in Toronto in 1931, and began his musical career in the 1950s as a jazz drummer and guitarist. In 1964, he founded the Toronto Repertory Orchestra, and was its conductor for nine years. BIOGRAPHY

  64. 25 FEB 2001 RASHER, Sigurd (Classical Saxophone player and teacher)
    b. 1908. Came to USA in 1939 as saxophone soloist with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Sir John Barbirolli at Carnegie Hall and with the Boston Philharmonic under the direction of Serge Koussevitzky

  65. 23 FEB 2001 GOBLE, Anthony Goble (English harpsichord maker). Born on 8 JUL, 1957. He was found dead on January 23, 2001, aged 43. The Times, obit

  66. 23 FEB 2001 RAILTON, Dame Ruth (DBE, founder of the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain). Born in Folkestone on 14 DEC 1915. ~ age 85. The Times, Obit

  67. 15 FEB 2001 GOLDOVSKY, Boris (conductor, pianist, lecturer and opera impresario) Known to radio listeners for his intermission commentaries during nearly 50 years of Saturday matinee broadcasts from the Metropolitan Opera. Died at his home in Brookline, MA. ~ age 92. Boston Globe Obit ~ NY Times Obit

  68. 08 FEB 2001 EDWARDS, Leslie (OBE, Ballet dancer)
    b-Teddington, England 6 AUG 1916. ~ age 84.

  69. 04 FEB 2001 XENAKIS, Iannis (Greek-French composer who wrote music on mathematical structure). Born in Rumania, 29 MAY 1922. Died at his Paris home after a long illness. ~ age 78.

  70. 00 JAN 2001 BIBLE, Francis (Mezzo soprano) MET

  71. 29 JAN 2001 PREVOST, Andre(Canadian composer). Born, Hawkesbury, Ontario 1934. Died in Montreal. ~ age 67. Obit

  72. 26 JAN 2001 LATHAM, Keith (27 JAN 1954 - 26 JAN 2001) English baritone, of heart attack in Birmingham, England just before performance in Verdi death, Centennial concert. ~ age 47.

  73. 12 JAN 2001 VAYNE, Kyra (Russian soprano) b. Petrograd as Kyra Knopmuss in 1916. d-England ~ age 85 ~ more ~ The London Times obit ~ San Francisco Chroncle obit

  74. 06 JAN 2001 BRAUN, Victor (Canadian baritone) He passed away suddenly in Brussels. Acclaimed for his portrayal of Golaud in the premiere run of the MET's production of PELLEAS. BIO in French

  75. 04 JAN 2001 LEONARD, Lawrence ( British conductor, cellist, composer, teacher and writer). ~ age 77

END MUSICIANS milestones Year 2001

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